March 16, 2020 8:51 AM Blog

Every week Little Big Adventures attends a new and different centre to spend the week with your children.
We've always been acutely aware of the environment we work in, and minimising risk.

We take germs seriously, the health of our staff, and the health of your child too.


It's all part of the job, but we already follow best practice,  Safety first, health first.


- Long Lenses. 

The majority of our photography is taken from a distance of 2 metres away. 
This is how we avoid deer-in-the-spotlight intrusions on fun, and are able to capture great moments,
but also how we avoid someone sneezing right in our eye ( yes, this happens )

- Hand Sanitiser/Hand Washing.

Daycares are brilliant places for teaching little children the basics of hygiene and there are always bountiful sanitiser, prompts and calls to action. 
We also carry our own supplies and follow best practice.  Your children wont get sick from us, and hopefully, we wont get sick from your children.

- Illness

We don't come to work unwell.  As a community, kinder photographers are a tight bunch and willing to help each other out wherever possible. 
We would rather hire in a "competitor" to work with us rather than spread germs or risk of infection. 
As a small business, there is no paid leave, and our success, and our employment, relies on our health.

- Boogers

To be honest, it's got me into trouble in the past - i've been mocked on site ( at centres I dont return to, it has to be said ) for not wiping noses. 
I ask for very little help, and most kinders consider me an extra set of hands to help with the children and guide them through activities. 
But I don't wipe noses, and I don't make my staff wipe noses either
.  It's not our job, and we need to stay healthy to work another day. 
With cameras right up close to our faces, we don't want any cross-contamination. 
We make no apologies for this, but we do our best to ensure faces are clean before we even see them.

We are working in interesting times and taking each day as it comes, but you can rest assured, if you have registered, or plan for photos of your child this year
at your childcare or kindergarten, that we take the health of ourselves and others seriously, and we re-assess and communicate with our centres constantly.

Keep safe, be alert, stay well.

January 23, 2020 5:12 PM Blog

2019 was such a  busy year all these images from my 2019 Insta "Top Nine" are all from
before the kinder season even really got underway O_O !

I'm planning a less hectic 2020 - the wrinkles in the site are all now ironed out and it should be 
smooth sailing and zen :) 

April 12, 2019 4:31 PM Blog

Honestly, did any of your lunch end up in your mouth, and WHY are you now eating sand ?!

Every day, our photographers are met with:
- nose drippers and sniffers
- hot and sweaties
- Sunscreen shiny faces
- hat hair ( and those children very attached to their hats they might be glued on! )
- but mainly boogers, lots of boogers, so many boogers.

Q:  Do you know how many varieties of booger there is?
A:  A lot

Obviously we TRY not to capture the gloop, but some kids are really messy,
or run away from being wiped up, or have chapped faces that hurt to be touched, poor mites!

So your favourite photo features a nose only a parent could love, and quite frankly,
as a parent, you're not feeling it.

It's ok - don't panic!

One of the main differences between Little Big Adventures and other kinder/daycare
photographers is the main reason you hired us: to get those big natural engaged smiles

To provide choice and variety. 

To be free of the formulaic "sit here and smile kid" deer in the headlight images.

Sometimes that means boogers, and sometimes that means dirt.

Sometimes the best smile of the day is right after he ate tomato-based pasta for lunch,
and before he was told to get a wipe and clean his face.

Sure, we could delete it, but we see the joy, and besides, the pic after that? 

When he got his face wiped?  Clean, but the moment was gone.  The smile fell flat. 

We deleted that one.

So you got quite a lot of photos to choose from, right?

That's great!  We don't know what prints you will choose - often it's not the ones we expect! -
so if the pictures you love have a spot of dirt, a great green goblin or a splodge of sunscreen,
just pop a little note on the photo when you order: "please remove the monster emerging from my son's nose" ..

We can do that for you.

* handy nutritional chart used with permission from http://www.howtobeadad.com/

April 10, 2019 5:38 PM Blog

It all started with something lacking, it always does.

Baby books*, School Memory books.. they are honestly hard to find!

I searched for years for my two boys - I wanted something that was local. 
Many I have found on the market contained sections for overseas celebration days,
which would inevitably be left blank and gaping if you were not an ex-pat.  

I didn't want flowery language or big gaps where I couldn't add my Thanksgiving memories.

Matter of fact, I don't want a book where I have to add my Australia Day memories either -
its just so guilt-and-angst ridden when you let the side down because life .. gets busy.  
Or you don't celebrate it.

I wanted simple, elegant .. something that wouldn't get parents "into trouble" with their children
if they didn't capture the right memory, something kids could do over the years, with or without
help from busy parents. 

Something that allowed them to make it their own.. to insert their own creative input. 
Stick, paste, draw, note.  A real memory book for the ages.

And then finally, I found it.  Australian designed and made.
So I ordered some, and added a store to the site so you could buy one whenever you liked.

There's even free delivery if you're not in a rush and are happy to collect from your kinder
or childcare centre that we are the photographers for  ( bulk deliveries are made every month )

You can order it with your photos, or any other time.  It's all good.  I hope you like it :)

* Please let me know if you'd like a baby book - not currrently stocking - but can certainly get in for you.

You can find these books by selecting the "Special Buys" tab at the top of the page :)

March 7, 2019 8:30 PM Blog

Kinder Season.

It starts in March and doesn't let up until Christmas.

Here's to a jam-packed, smiley, serious, fast, slow, cheeky, shy 2019 :)

February 11, 2019 1:26 PM Blog

Otherwise known as: What Areas do you Service?

Once, there were photographers, who
travelled from Middle Park
to Mordialloc and Mulgrave
When, they thought about it
They realised
they also went to Mont Albert, Malvern and Melbourne
They couldn't quite explain it*
They'd always just gone there

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

* Well, actually we can explain it, we don't like to over-extend ourselves. 
We like being Little Big and we like to always be within 30minutes of all our lovely kinders
and centres so we can offer the personalised service we're known for. 

( Also, although Leanne loves tweaking up new words to old songs .. she keeps it P.C. at kinder always :)

** lyrics written with love and apologies to the Crash Test Dummies **

February 3, 2019 10:33 PM Blog

Love love love love the new albums for 2019.

Of course I loved our teal coloured ones with the hot air balloon too ( we still have those if you'd prefer to match! )
.. but there was something missing and all it took was one lovely mention from a parent to get the ball rolling.

And what better time to refresh than with a new year and a new website?

Our 2019 albums are a lovely shade of mid-blue, feature the year ( 2019 ) and are specifically designed
for YOUR centre featuring the name and logo of the kinder/childcare your child is attending. 

All design is done in-house and will be approved by your Teacher/Committee/Centre Director
and I have to tell you, the first run for our first centre on the books this year is gorgeous!


February 1, 2019 11:07 AM Blog

( Or: Remind me Never to do That again

A little like being in labour this whole last month of official kinder "downtime" i'm certainly primed
for the no-sleeping/all-working upcoming season - phew!

While officially a new site has been in the works now for almost a year - fact finding,
gathering feedback, asking questions of Directors and parents, the hard nuts and bolts of building
it all together had to happen in the no-work month of January.  It's so exciting to finally be live!

It looks simple on the outside, but like Willy Wonka's Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum,
the real magic is o
n the INSIDE for you, the end user, the parent, the person who wants to see & order
their child's images in a busy world where ain't nobody got time for that.

Another plus is that you wont turn into a giant blueberry, but I digress...

So what's changed in 2019?
Well, lots of things, and not all of them website related.

- Easier Ordering
- Better packages
- New products
- NEW albums!  Personalised with your kinder and the Year on the cover for
   those building a collection!  Yay!
- Faster service
- New designs for group images, more sizes, more choice

And hopefully just a better experience all round - we were due for an upgrade, don't you think?

Take a look around and dont be shy to tell me if you see an error, a dead end, or something missing
you wished you could find.

There will probably be a few tweaks here and there over February to perfect it all before March
so i'd love to hear from you if you've got something to add.

Thanks and kindness,
Leanne Bertram
Little Big Adventures

January 10, 2019 1:51 PM Blog

2018 Top Nine Images as decided via Instagram :)

January 10, 2019 1:47 PM Blog


We have a brand new website - and guess what?  You're on it right now - hooray! 

We hope you enjoy visiting - the blog is where you will find little

tid-bits and observations, from the playground to the world-wide-web. 

I cant say it will be updated a LOT ( hello, time poor, can you relate? .. your images come first! )
.. but hopefully what you do see will be useful.

Happy 2019!

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