What To Wear on Kinder Photo Day | What Day Will my Child Be Photographed?

March 14, 2021

What to Wear? / 
What Day Will My Child Be Photographed?

We usually meet and greet your child on their first day of attendance.

Depending on their personality and their schedule, we make the best decision for your child on an individual daily basis.

Sometimes a child prefers to shyly watch us interact with others earlier in the week, while more rambunctious children grab the limelight. 
We carefully always keep the shyer children in the corner of our eye to see how they are doing and to build up trust, letting them see how fun we are so they will want to join in tomorrow or the next day.

We recommend simply dressing your child/ren nicely every day they attend - it’s only a few days every year, and it doesn’t have to be their best clothes - strive for outfits they like and feel comfortable and happy in for best results! 

As we work organically, we may take your child’s pictures over several days - our trained eyes are always scouting for new situations, activities and engaged smiles.  We want to capture your authentic child, doing the things they like best.

As a general rule - if your child only attends one day, obviously that is their Photo Day, if they come three days, we normally aim for the middle day - that’s a day to warm up, a day to shine, and a day in reserve in case it’s needed.

We look forward to meeting your child/ren soon and capturing fun!


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