Coronavirus ( and Keeping Safe ) | Melbourne Early Childhood Photography

March 16, 2020

Every week Little Big Adventures attends a new and different centre to spend the week with your children.
We've always been acutely aware of the environment we work in, and minimising risk.

We take germs seriously, the health of our staff, and the health of your child too.


It's all part of the job, but we already follow best practice,  Safety first, health first.


- Long Lenses. 

The majority of our photography is taken from a distance of 2 metres away. 
This is how we avoid deer-in-the-spotlight intrusions on fun, and are able to capture great moments, but also how we avoid someone sneezing right in our eye ( yes, this happens )

- Hand Sanitiser/Hand Washing.

Daycares are brilliant places for teaching little children the basics of hygiene and there are always bountiful sanitiser, prompts and calls to action. 
We also carry our own supplies and follow best practice.  Your children wont get sick from us, and hopefully, we wont get sick from your children.

- Illness

We don't come to work unwell.  As a community, kinder photographers are a tight bunch and willing to help each other out wherever possible. 
We would rather hire in a "competitor" to work with us rather than spread germs or risk of infection. 
As a small business, there is no paid leave, and our success, and our employment, relies on our health.

- Boogers

To be honest, it's got me into trouble in the past - i've been mocked on site ( at centres I dont return to, it has to be said ) for not wiping noses. 
I ask for very little help, and most kinders consider me an extra set of hands to help with the children and guide them through activities. 
But I don't wipe noses, and I don't make my staff wipe noses either
.  It's not our job, and we need to stay healthy to work another day. 
With cameras right up close to our faces, we don't want any cross-contamination. 
We make no apologies for this, but we do our best to ensure faces are clean before we even see them.

We are working in interesting times and taking each day as it comes, but you can rest assured, if you have registered, or plan for photos of your child this year at your childcare or kindergarten, that we take the health of ourselves and others seriously, and we re-assess and communicate with our centres constantly.

Keep safe, be alert, stay well.


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