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Little Big Adventures have been so lucky to have accumulated over 400 emails of joy over the past 4 years. 
We work hard to make beautiful photos and memories for you, but it's late nights, long hours and hard slog and so your messages of love make all the effort so so worth it. 

Thankyou so much - when we're running on pure adrenaline, this is what sustains us x


Thanks for taking such gorgeous photos of my son!  He looks so photogenic in each and every photo that im finding it difficult to choose which ones to buy! 
We can never get him to take photos let alone smile in every one and look good. 
Don’t know how you did it but that's why you're the photographer!!


I am receiving amazing
feedback from parents
that absolutely
love the photos
– thank you so much!

Port Melbourne

Beautiful photos.
The best I've seen for kinder/childcare.
Very pleased this year.
These are the first that we have purchased
in 4 years.


Just wanted to say that
these are the best photos ever taken of my children. 

Not sure how you did it!
But I love them.


The effort definitely shines
through, particularly
as I laughed at his photos because I think they are exactly the same scenarios as my late 70s kinder photos, just without the velour ;)


They really are so lovely,
I’m thrilled with them and Chrissie presents for the Grandparents are sorted!


Oh my goodness…
I love those photos..
Wow – I am so excited –
I cannot believe you
got such good ones
with him sitting still –
most of the photos
I take are always blurry!

East Brighton

The photos you took
are so wonderful! 
They are so much more than
I could have hoped for. 

I am a little surprised that
he participated
(and I wonder how you might have managed him!!) as he often refuses to have photos taken of himself. 

You have managed to photograph him showing his personality, which is not easy!

Surrey Hills

I just got the amazing pics.
Thanks so much I love them.
I really wish you did
school pics - the ones we got were so stiff and full of fake smiles.


How on earth am I meant to choose from them???
Every photo captures the personality or essence of
my kids so you’ve done an awesome job Leanne.... means I will buy all of them!

You rock!! Xx


Thank you very much for
your beautiful photos.
They have made beautiful memories and lovely gifts
for grandparents.


Thank you for taking such beautiful photos,
they are just divine!
It is going to be hard
to choose!

Middle Park

Thank you for the
amazing photos. 
Just divine, they really
make our hearts melt.


Thank you for the photos,
they are amazing!

Can we please re- book
for next year?

Thank you again!


Thank you so much
for the photos – they are really lovely, the best
I have ever seen actually :)

* Please note: While the quotes and faces and locations are all real, they have been interchanged as a privacy measure.  Thankyou.


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