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What's So Good About Little Big Adventures ?

  • FUSS-FREE - No Paper, No Fuss, No Handing of Cash or envelopes.  Easy Private Online Ordering
  • INOBTRUSIVE - We work around YOU with minimal interruption of the normal day
  • FRIENDLY - Educators love us because we love Educators!
  • FUN - Experienced in silly songs, funny faces and made-up monkey-business, the kids love us too :)
  • PROFESSIONAL - Superior quality images and products.  Fully accredited child-approved Photographers
  • NO OBLIGATION - Parents can choose to purchase as many or as little images as they like, including digitals!

Our Philosophy

With over a decade of working with small children, we're good at engaging each child on their level, on their terms. 

We understand some children are slower to warm than others, that some are shy, or have special needs, or only play with one truck, or are obsessed with the sandpit.

We understand that some children are just bursting to be our new best friends, to show us all the things they can make and do with much gusto and enthusiasm.

We encourage new friendships and are invited to come play, to see their art, to admire the trainset, to find bugs in the garden.

We give more wary children space to observe us play with others.  We know our natural warm friendliness will eventually win over even the trickiest trickster, on their terms, in their time.  

We know centre schedules and how to work around them, to be team players and not adversaries.  We're never grumpy, always positive, and probably a little too old to be jumping around, singing kinder songs and pulling funny faces.

But what we see is joy .. we project it, reflect it, and capture it forever.

We know you're going to love us.


  • Missing Teeth
  • Missing Socks
  • Mud Pies
  • Mischief


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