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April 12, 2019

Honestly, did any of your lunch end up in your mouth, and WHY are you now eating sand ?!

Every day, our photographers are met with:
- nose drippers and sniffers
- hot and sweaties
- Sunscreen shiny faces
- hat hair ( and those children very attached to their hats they might be glued on! )
- but mainly boogers, lots of boogers, so many boogers.

Q:  Do you know how many varieties of booger there is?
A:  A lot

Obviously we TRY not to capture the gloop, but some kids are really messy, or run away from being wiped up, or have chapped faces that hurt to be touched, poor mites!

So your favourite photo features a nose only a parent could love, and quite frankly, as a parent, you're not feeling it.

It's ok - don't panic!

One of the main differences between Little Big Adventures and other kinder/daycare photographers is the main reason you hired us: to get those big natural engaged smiles

To provide choice and variety. 

To be free of the formulaic "sit here and smile kid" deer in the headlight images.

Sometimes that means boogers, and sometimes that means dirt.

Sometimes the best smile of the day is right after he ate tomato-based pasta for lunch, and before he was told to get a wipe and clean his face.

Sure, we could delete it, but we see the joy, and besides, the pic after that? 

When he got his face wiped?  Clean, but the moment was gone. 
The smile fell flat. 

We deleted that one.

So you got quite a lot of photos to choose from, right?

That's great!  We don't know what prints you will choose - often it's not the ones we expect! - so if the pictures you love best have a spot of dirt, a great green goblin or a splodge of sunscreen, just pop a little note on the photo when you order: "please remove the monster emerging from my son's nose" ..

We can do that for you.

* handy nutritional chart used with permission from


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