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How it All Works:

We meet a lot of children; however there's none quite like yours.

With over a decade of working with small children, we right away get on their level and engage in the things each individual child is interested in. 
We understand some children are slower to warm than others, that some are shy, or have special needs, or only play with one truck, or are obsessed with the sandpit. 
We understand that some children are just bursting to be our new best friends, to take our hands to show us all the things they can make and do with much gusto and enthusiasm. 

We ask, encourage and are invited to come play with them, to see their art, to admire the trainset.
We give children space to observe us play with others and never force a smile.  We know our natural warm friendliness with eventually engage even the trickiest trickster, on their terms, in their time.  

We give each child equal time.  And we're very good at making new friends.  We know centre schedules and how to work around them, to be team players and not adversaries.  We're always smiling and never grumpy, and we're probably a little too old to be jumping around, singing kinder songs and pulling funny faces. 
But what we see is joy .. we project it, reflect it, and capture it forever.

We know you're going to love us.

Missing Teeth
Missing Socks
Mud Pies


Do you allow for friend shots, or siblings if I have more than one child at the centre?

Yes indeed we do

How many photos will I have to choose from?

Around 30 colour images would be normal for a week's worth of smiles and activities.
Because we work naturally with the children, engaging with play, it allows for much greater variety and choice than expected!
All images are also available in classic black & white.

And can I buy digital files/ soft copies / digital negatives to print myself or share with relatives abroad?

Yes!  We have a variety of packages that include prints, enlargements, albums, products and of course, digital images to share.
You can opt for a few, or the lot, we cater to all needs and budgets.

Do you take class photos / staff photos?

Usually yes.
We work with each centre and kinder individually to their needs and expectations, so this varies from centre to centre.

Wonderful, that sounds great, what happens next?

After Photo Week, the images are sorted and corrected for proofing.
From there, you receive a good selection of colour and B&W prints to choose from. 
We offer great value packages, but you are also welcome to purchase just a single print if you so wish.  There is no miniumum spend.

Orders are collected, your prints and products are then printed at our Professional Print lab to ensure the best results
You may also opt to purchase high resolution "digital copies" of photographs for sharing on your phone, ipad, computer or for relatives to print out-of-town or overseas.

The whole process, from the click of the camera, then ordering, to final delivery takes 6 weeks.

Looking to book us in?  We'd love to hear from you!
0419 520 782