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More than Just Kinder Photos...

Leanne Bertram is the principal photographer at Little Big Adventures.

With over a decade of personal experience in photographing hundreds of families, businesses, products and events,
she has focused the last 4 years on photographing the Little Big set at their daycares, kinders and preschools all over Victoria.

Her reputation firmly established, and very much in demand, Leanne has now bid a fond farewell to suburbs far and wide. 
Bolstered by community support, she's back in the belt of her people - the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne.

Leanne enjoys interacting and playing with her new friends wherever she goes and making magical memories for their parents to treasure.
It's a delight and honour to work in the community she loves and to see her little friends as they grow and shop, play sports
and even walk through the gates of the school with her own children. 

It's more than just taking beautiful images: it's creating happiness.

When Leanne is not photographing your little ones, she can usually be found patting cats or immersed in her garden.
She's only half the age her hobbies suggest she is ( she likes to think it offsets all the jumping around in a tutu at kinder )